2003-2004 itinerary

July 22nd, 2008

Thanks to my brother Bernard, my six-month trip in Australia and Asia is illustrated by a

beautiful map. There is a two-day stop in Bangkok missing, but I was only there to buy my plane ticket to Nepal.


London : six-hour visit
Kuala Lumpur : 10 hours in the airport - I was too tired from the flights (over 30 hours flying and transit time) to visit

Australia : 2 weeks, visiting my friend Anick, in a small town near Port Macquarie on the east coast

Laos moinevientiane.jpg 10 days in Vientiane, Champasak, Si Pan Don Islands

Vietnam pagodahue.jpg 3 weeks in Hué, Hanoi, Haiphong, and Halong Bay

Thailand : 2 days in Bangkok, chilling out

Nepal childworker.jpg 4 months in Kathmandu and surroundings, Imadol (village where I held english workshops), and Pokhara


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  1. mbo108 Says:

    Hey, great map, I love it.

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