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Sunday, June 22nd, 2008

After reading inspiration 2/5 steps… this has pretty much made my decision solid.

The foundation for this trip is Alberta (Canada) is nice, but I need to see what else is out there… wait… “I will see what else is out there”.

There are many different reasons for the trip, and the area I am going too. (Eastern Europe)…

Number 1: WW2 history. Sounds Sadistic Maybe? But, if we dont learn from the past, we’re bound to repeat it.

Number 2: A boy, Who lives in Poland. Yeah… apparently Love knows no boundries. Trust me.. I’m not the overnight always in love type… In fact, the Exact opposite. Im currently 21,  Ive been in many relationships…. never cried over any of them… this includes the 2 year relationship. So how does the 25yr old Polish boy who ive only known for 8months at best (5 of which he was actually in Canada) manage to make me think about him every single day? I dont know, I’ll never know. I dont pretend to know. As much as I imagine this will never work, it’s still worth it to see him one more time… Because to me, he’s the most amazing boy to ever walk this earth.

Number 3: I NEED to see what else is out there, Is Canada my inevitable home? Maybe? this is a magnificent country, everything you need. However this province has taught me to work work work work, and when you’re done, play… as long as it doesnt get in the way of work. And as im told, Europe operates in a different matter. Work yes, but you’re induvidual life it just as important, if not more.

Number 4: I love meeting new people, and this is a prime way.

Number:5 …etc,etc,etc…. theres many more, smaller ones.. and such.

 As it stands im in school for one more week, Im pretty sure school is damaged my credit, being that im behind on pretty much every payment… but I “will” climb out of this in No time.

So tomorow, I start, I embark… no more procastionation, find a job that pays well… save up as much money as possible… and Board my plane, No Later than April 14 2009…

I already feel better about myself.

<3 Randi