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Hmm…where to begin…I guess stuff has happened but the days move so fast I can hardly keep up, much less actively remember what I’ve done.  I do remember that last week, on Wednesday I had a really great activity in my 7th grade Family and Consumer Science class.  I did a role playing activity with a theatre twist and it was fantastic.  Thursday was average but Friday was kind of crappy. 

It was a teacher work day where we didn’t have any students and it was one of those days where I was tired and the weather was horrible…it was pouring down rain.  And just a bunch of little stuff kept adding up and by the end of the day I was so stressed and upset I could hardly function.  Thank goodness I had planned on going away with the 4 other girls in my group because I needed a change of scene to shake my frustration.

Friday night my mom came and picked us up and took us to my aunt’s house where we stayed for a few hours before they took us to the drop off point for our USO tour.  We met the tourbus at 3am to head to the south of Germany to see 2 Bavarian castles.  I think most of us slept some on the bus since it was about a 5 hour trip.  The trip was a one day excursion to the region of Germany called Bavaria in/near the Alps to see Hohenschwangau and Neuswanstein castles.  Both were homes of Ludwig II and Neuwanstein is called the “fairy tale” castle since it was used as inspiration for the Disney Sleeping Beauty castle.  They really were cool!  The paintings and the furniture were fantastic, and the views were breathtaking.  I just LOVE the Alps; they are so gorgeous!

We had an adventure…no trip is complete without one…hehe!  There is a bridge over a canyon that is famous for it’s picture perfect views of Neuswanstein castle, called Mary’s Bridge.  We all wanted to go, a trip to the castles without a visit to the bridge is wasted.  However, we discovered that the path to the bridge was closed; it was snowy and icy and the hike is rather steep.  There were signs saying “no tresspassing” “warning” “caution” but we decided to go for it anyway.  What an experience!  It truly wasn’t that bad aside from slipping and one or two members of the group ending up on their butts and we were laughing so hard half the time we could barely stand up anyway.  Plus, the views were worth every bit of trouble.  Of course the trip back was a sore and slightly damp one but we made it back in one piece around 11:30pm.

I will admit that it was difficult to get up for church the next morning but it was a good service and visiting with my mom and cousins etc. was theraputic.

Last night I got to bed pretty much on time after getting some laundry done but I woke up after just 2 hours of sleep feeling awful.  I was so sick.  I spent an hour in the bathroom with a stomachache and another hour in my bed enduring a panic attack before finally crashing and getting some sleep.  I felt so awful even when I woke up this morning that I almost called in.  But, it’s a staff meeting day without students again and it was just too much work to figure out who and how to call.  So I’m at school but I don’t actually have much to do so I’m taking it easy and sitting by the space heater in the playhouse office.  I’m feeling a little better now and I think when I eat lunch I’ll be ok.  I just really hope I can get a ride home this afternoon so I don’t have to stay on post all day.

Today I’m missing my friends, I don’t have too many these days but the ones I have are pretty great.  I think I’m just not used to spending so much time with girls.  I need some guy friend interaction…lol.  The one guy here is driving me nuts lately…maybe because I’m jealous of how quickly he’s acclimated and gotten to know the entire faculty and students;  I’m a lot slower to get to know people.  But maybe it’s also because he’s a major brown-noser but he’s also a slacker.  He’s so average and I work very hard to be good at what I do.  I love what I do and I have so much passion for it.  But he just does it to get by.  Maybe he’s just not a passionate person…he’s really smart but he just never wants to do more work than he has to.  He only works to get ahead for himself.  I’m tired of people like that.  Aren’t there people in this world who want more?



CJ on 26 January, 2009 at 12:59 pm #

LOL sounds like fun, the “disney castle” huh … i wish i were there … [daydreaming]

Granny Jo on 30 January, 2009 at 8:19 pm #

Aunt Nicki and Family took Gpa and I to Neuschwanstein when we visited them in the Fall a few years back. It is a very beautiful castle set in fantasy like breath taking scene. I can not believe it was built in the mid 1800’s. So glad you got to visit Mary’s bridge as well. I have a story to tell about the bridge as well. Love Granny

Granny Jo on 30 January, 2009 at 8:24 pm #

About the guy that’s driving you nuts - just apply:

Life’s Rule # 7. Don’t waste your precious energy on gossip, energy vampires, issues
of the past, negative thoughts or things you cannot control. Instead
invest your energy in the positive present moment. Love you Granny