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Published by buzzingtalk at April 6th, 2008

Starting a blog again turns me emo. It makes me want to talk to people, and at the moment, those people are teh Internets.

I’m still trying to figure out my route this summer, so I’ve done a nice (rubbish) microsoft paint job, it looks like a colour scheme for a 1980s shellsuit but never mind:


Kuala Lumpur = My base, dads house!

Red Squares = places I want to go (roughly)

Purple/Green lines = Seperate trips (flight to borneo, back to KL, flight to Bali, back to KL)

Black lines = routes I know I can travel on.

 Problem is…when the black line ends in Hanoi, how do I get on to the other cities? Is it best to travel into Laos from Vietnam or Cambodia? When can I enter back into Thailand and is the route pretty straightforward? Does it involve motorbikes? (becuase if it does, I’m not going that way!) Of course this route can be changed, I can fly into Hanoi and start there, the point is to try and do most of it overland. I’d do it all overland too, coming into exiting KL on the west and re-entering Malaysia from Thailand taking the jungle railway to a stop off in Singapore for some post travel shopping.

 Do any of you travellers know which is the best way to execute this? Or even know what routes are open/safe/easy, because if I know my options then I’m all set.

Transport-wise, I’m going to train it from KL to Bangkok, then train/bus to and through Cambodia, bus to Vietnam then train up to Hanoi. But from there on I’m not too sure how to get about, and what to see/do in Laos. I’ve heard its beautiful there - so recommendations are welcome. I’d like to get a boat ride up the Mekong Delta too.

Heres the origional map with no lines, just places I want to go. If you like, download it, scribble/draw and write on it and post it back/email if possible and I’ll post it up :)

plain map

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