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  1. Matt from Birmingham UK Says:

    Hi there fellow travellers. I just wanted to tel everyone about the Tour Operator Thomson Holidays. I recently got an e mail from them regarding the usual crap about package holidays. What caught my eye was an offer for hotels and apartments in Spain and the Canary Islands for just £2 per room per night.
    Untrusting as I am I decided to put this to the test (everyone knows that these mails are usually misleading) so I clicked on the link and this took me to another page within their site http://www.thomson.co.uk/editorial/hotel-only/apartment-beach-deals.html Thomson Holidays presented me with a list of stuff including Goa at just £10 per night. Anyway not to get distracted and to prove the e-mail offers worth I started clicking around and low and behold………………..the offers were geniune. They had stuff in Spain, Greece and all over the show. I have managed to book a fantastically cheap island hopping holiday from Birmingham with one of the cheap airlines and book a hotel room for just £2 per room per night round the canaries.
    Thomson - I put my hands up to you as I thought it was a con, but your offers are most certainly genuine and I am island hopping round the canaries for £14 quid - What a bargain!

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