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Rest of Coastal Walk & Surf Highway (+ Dawson Falls)

June 12th, 2008 · 3 Comments

Woke up on Sunday to discover the sun was shining! Great stuff! So me being me I decided we had to finish what we started and go do the rest of the Coastal Walk - this time we drove to where we started running back towards town on Saturday…

FYI - the Coastal Walk is 6KM long each way, so I didnt fancy walking all the way to where we had started then doing it and going all the way back!

It turns out we had almost made it to the Port anyway so it was only a short walk - maybe 1KM? Beautiful Views and it was here I remembered that New Plymouth had a Mountain (Mt Egmont/Mt Taranaki) - we hadn’t seen it yesterday because the whether was so crap!

Mt Egmont/TaranakiRoad up to Dawson Falls

So we had to wait around because we were picking up a motor for one of our mates brothers and hadn’t herd from the guy we were picking it up from, so we stuffed around got some lunch (from trusty Burger Fuel - I had to try a beef burger since I had chicken last night!) and sat in the car (it may have been sunny but it wasnt warm!) and read our books & magazines and relaxed by the ocean until we heard that we could go and get the motor.

Around 1.30 we had the motor and were on our way home via the Surf Highway - now this is something I highly recomend to do - you can see the Mountain & the coast basically the whole way (well we turned off at Manaia - so at least until there) I really enjoyed it just driving along and stopping at random towns (Stop at Opunake and have a look around, go to the lookouts and down by the beach!).

It was then that I had the clever idea to follow a sign that said Dawson Falls - being ignorant we didn’t know where they were at all and we ended up halfway up one side of Mt Egmont!! I am so glad we did this even though my thighs hurt for a couple of days after -I’m a short person and not very fit - the stairs to climb up and down to the falls were rather large!

Dawson Falls & Moi

We then decided it would be quicker to head back via stratford rather than go all the way back to Manaia and down to Hawera. And that was the end of the excitement for the weekend!

Ciao for now - Exams over the next couple of weeks so may not have updates or any more quick trips up our sleaves for a bit - although there are a few places I want to head off too for a weekened or day trip so we shall see.  :)

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New Plymouth Coastal Walk

June 12th, 2008 · No Comments

Hey guys,

It was our 4 year anniversary last week so we (ok well I once again) decided to go to New Plymouth for the weekend since we havn’t been there in a long time.

 All I wanted to do during the weekend was walk to Coastal Walk and come home via the Surf Highway - and not spend heaps of money cas I’m a cheaparse!

Saturday Morning we awoke and it was a crap day - yay for us, no rain though so once again can’t complain too much.

We decided to walk straight out the back of our motel through a bowls club and onto the part of the Coastal Walk which was right outside our motel (yes motel I wasn’t that cheap on our anniversary and splurged for a basic motel rather than a backpackers!) - a couple of KM later and we had made it to the town centre and someone was hungry so we made a detour to Brumbies (Bakery) to get some food then head back on our way - we managed to walk not far past the pools and Brad noticed that the rain in the distance was coming closer and closer very quickly… we were not prepared and didn’t have jackets or an umbrella so we started to run back towards town - it was only about 1.5KM away but by the time we got there we were pretty wet! We went to Crowded House for lunch (one of the only restaurants in New Plymouth believe it or not) - delicious food by the way for $15-20 for a meal can’t complain at that (see I’m not that cheap really).

Waves crashing on the rocks - Coastal Walk
Paratutu Rock by the PortRocks by the Port

 After lunch it was still crap but not raining so we made our way back to the motel and relaxed for a bit then decided to go for a drive, we went out near the airport and down by the port - we discovered that Paratutu was an actual place name - who would have known?! Took some nice pics which would have been a lot nicer if the day was nice!

Thats about it for our adventure today - except for the fact that we wanted to go to the Speights Ale House for tea - they had run out of food?! WTF? since they were changing the menu the next week - so we just went to Burger Fuel instead - gotto be better than McD’s!

Onwards to Sunday… 

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Forgotten World Highway

June 12th, 2008 · No Comments

My partner & I decided (well I told him) to drive along the Forgotten World Highway between Taumarunui and Stratford (most people tend to go from Stratford to Taumarunui) a couple of weekends ago on our way home from Taupo.

If you like green countryside it is definately well worth the journey, although we had a pretty crap day it was still a good trip - although quiet long when you factor in having to get back home from Stratford.

CountrysideMoki Tunnel

We started out at Taumarunui at about 10AM and began our journey on the highway - firstly filling up with gas (the signs saying no gas for 150KM - they are not shitting you at all, you are going to the middle of nowhere).

Our journey began in fog for around half an hour -still a nice drive so can’t complain too much! Now to warn you, there are signs saying there are lookouts and stuff and we are sure they pointed to nowhere - might may to try and pick up a map or something to find out where these places actually are.

We both agreed that the non-sealed section of the ’highway’ was the best part of our journey, including the 180Metre single laned Moki tunnel which is just drilled straight through the middle of a hill basically.

One Laned BridgeFog in the Highway

Don’t be afraid to go off down some of the side roads, we went down a couple and found a small waterfall and a train tunnel - both of which were worth the extra effort, although if you have been driving for more than 10 mins or so down a random road, unless you have a map it might pay to turn around, who knows where you will end up?!?!?!

All in all for the amount of time it took I will not be going back to do it again in a hurry, but it was some amazing scenery and I am glad I have crossed it off my list of things to do in NZ! 

Next Weekend: New Plymouth Coastal Walk & Surf Highway

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Hello world!

June 12th, 2008 · No Comments

So this is the inaugural first post - exciting stuff!

I can’t promise this will get updated all that much over the next year or so due to my study, business and work commitments.  

The Basics:

I’m Amanda, a 20YO from New Zealand, finishing my Bachelor of Business through correspondence whilst working as an Auditor - once the degree is finished (June 09 woop!) I am going to start seriously putting some plans into place for some decent trips around the world. (USA, Canada, Europe, UK & South America) so for now this blog might be lucky enough to get some of my travels in NZ and some planning crap for this trip :)

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