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Argentina Planning

May 6th, 2009 · No Comments

Well we now have just under 4 months until we head out on our 13ish hour flight to Buenos Aires, Argentina!!

 This may seem like a long time but considering I am finishing up my degree, have to organise what we are doing, attend some motor racing, learn some spanish etc it isn’t really all that long!

So far we are thinking of staying in Buenos Aires for 7 nights (Possibly renting an apartment, I have found a few for around $200USD for the week - so need to look into what kind of areas these are in and if they are ‘to good to be true’ or not.) While we are here we are thinking of doing a 1 day trip to Colonia de Sacremento in Uruguay, and possibly to El Tigre, although I havn’t looked into whether or not this can be done in a day easily.

We are then thinking of taking the overnight bus to Peurto Iguazu (I Spell that wrong everytime btw!), and staying there for 4-5 nights - from here we want at least 1 full day exploring the waterfalls, a day to head out to the Itaipu Dam & a day for the Jesuit Ruins - the rest of the time we will just relax or use as another day to check out the waterfalls - this is partly in case we get bad weather as I would hate to not be able to explore properly then have to leave the next day!

We are then thinking of heading to Rosario for 3-4 days - although we might skip this out we are not sure yet - need to do some more research! 

Next we will head out to Mar Del Plata for 3-4 days - 1 day will be taken up going to the Formula 1 museum (We can’t go on a trip without attending something motorsport related!) and the other couple just exploring what is on offer as we prefer smaller places to huge cities.

Then we will make our way back to Buenos Aires for a couple of days before our flight home.

So there we go, a sort of itinerary - I need to do some more research, but at the same time I don’t want to try and plan everything, need to leave somethings unplanned and just see what happens when we get there!

I’m still not sure about the money situation regarding Argentinean Peso’s vs United States Dollars. I think we will take a little bit of each but lean more towards having more Peso than Dollars due to the exchange rate and perhaps we would get a better deal paying in the local currency? But once again I need to do some research and have a chat with people that live there and find out which would be better in the long run.

Thats it from me… :) 3 months 3 weeks and counting! 

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