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Arrr Argentina!!!

August 18th, 2009 · No Comments

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Crapola only 7 1/2 days till we head off to Argentina! So the past few months have consisted of getting the little bits and pieces that we need ready as well as researching some of the things we may want to do and places we want to go, getting our immunisations & almost having a heart attack at the doctors bill!

So pretty much this is the plan;

27/8/09 Wanganui > Auckland > Santiago > Buenos Aires all up including waiting time at the airports this trip will take just overĀ 25hours, ouch! Considering a long trip to us is the 3 hour flight over to OZ!

We have an apartment booked through Reynolds Propiedades for the first week in Buenos Aires, heres hoping they are a good company & the apartment is located where they say it is & actually looks something like the pictures!

The plan is to lax out in Buenos Aires with day trips to Tigre & Colonia in Uruguay over the first week, hopefully taking one of the free walking tours that I have heard are pretty good.

Next we take on the overnight buse which sound like pure hell, however I have been told that the argentinean buses are pretty darn good so we shall see - this will take us to Iguazu where we will make trips to the Iguazu Falls, hopefully both the Argentinean & Brazilian Sides, some Jetsuit ruins, possibly the Wanda mines & also to the Itaipu Dam.

Then the plan is to either spend a couple of days in lower Brazil, head to Rosario or perhaps check out the Ibera Marshes? We will decide when we get there.

Mar Del Plata will be our next stop to spend a few days just relaxing, checking out the Formula one museum & who knows what else before we head back to Buenos Aires ready to take our flight home on the 18/8/09, arriving back in Auckland at 4.00AM in the morning on the 20/08/09.

Are you excited for us yet? I don’t really care cas I am!!! :P

The next post should be from Argentina, unless I get lazy & just update when we get back, which is quiet likely!

Now for a picture since its gets a bit boring looking @ blogs without them, taken from google, link under pic.
Buenos Aires

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