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Iguazu Falls

October 12th, 2009 · No Comments

We visited both the Argentine & Brazilian side of the falls on consecutive days. The 2 hours spent at the Brazilian side was our first glimpse of the falls, the Brazilian side gives you an awesome panoramic view of the falls, although I don’t think I would’ve wanted to stay for too much longer on this side. The next day we spent the whole day at the Argentine side of the falls and could have easily spent another half a day there, there are so many trails to walk – both under and over the waterfalls it is truly amazing!

Well like I said I can even begin to describe how amazing the Igauzu falls are, photos don’t do them justice. So here’s the next best thing to being there;

One of our videos of the Iguazu Falls - this isn’t all of the falls either!!

(I was trying to embed the video into the post but it seems you can’t do that with photobucket and i’m too lazy to upload it to youtube at the moment.)

Add this to you list of must see places!!

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Puerto Iguazu 2009

October 6th, 2009 · No Comments

 After around 17 hours on a bus we made it to Puerto Iguazu, a much welcomed changed from the hustle and bustle of Buenos Aires.

Whilst I imagine that Puerto Iguazu is not quiet as sleepy during peak season I’m glad we made it there when we did. Hardly any tourists meant that we could have our pick of accommodation and that prices were pretty reasonable.  And we had amazing weather around 30degrees Celsius the whole time we were there – I would highly recommend going in September to anyone! 

We arrived around 11am so headed straight across the road from the bus station to the ‘tourist office’ and said they spoke English on their sign, I was weary that it would proberly be a tourist trap but pretty much just went there to find directions to the hostel we had decided to look at, which consequently didn’t look very nice so we went back to the info centre where ‘hans’ (We decided to name him this, can’t remember his name – although he did become our friendly face around town for the duration of our stay) had told us earlier that he knew of a place that was bigger and newer that would be the same price as the hostel we were thinking of staying at. 

We ended us going to this place he had recommended and were pleasantly surprised, for $100AP over 3 nights – for 4 nights you could have got it for $90AP per night, we got a kind of apartment with a double and single bed in one room with tv with cable and aircon then in the other room was a set of bunks, fridge and table and chairs with our own balcony and bathroom with shower, I think breakfast is included too but we were up pretty early everyday and didn’t know where it was served so didn’t bother.

Once we had settled in to our apartment and eaten we decided to take the walk to ‘Tres Fronteras’, which is pretty much the argentine lookout where you can see the rivers that separate Argentina from Brazil & Paraguay. There were a few people down here trying to sell there ‘wares’ to foreigners, or kids asking for some of our coca cola, but nothing too imposing or threatening. I think they are doing up a café down there as well but it wasn’t open when we were there, maybe it’s a seasonal thing as we only saw 1 other couple when we were there and a couple of families heading down there on our walk home.

The shopping hours in Puerto Iguazu really threw me coming from Buenos Aires but I began to really like it once I had figured it out! They open around 9am in the morning then close around 1pm and reopen at 4-5pm closing again around 8-10pm. I guess what’s the point of being open in the middle of the day when there is no one around to buy anything? And it proberly getting unbearably hot there in the summer I imagine too.

From the bus station you can get a return trip to the Cataratas – or waterfalls for $10AP which seemed to leave approx every half an hour from both the bus station and returning from the falls.

I honestly couldn’t even begin to describe the Iguazu Falls!!!! – I will attempt to in the next post though.  

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Buenos Aires 2009

October 1st, 2009 · No Comments

Well a few weeks later and I am finally starting to write up the first of around 5-6 blog posts about our three weeks in Argentina!

I know I wrote on the boards I was going to do all the posts this week but its Friday now so I’m thinking this is most likely going to be the only post going up this week :(

So as you can see by the title this post is obviously going to be a general one about Buenos Aires, we spent a week here in an apartment in Recoleta and then 2 days a hotel in Palermo.

We looked around the Recoleta Cemetery on our first day – it is nothing like the cemeteries back at home! They are kind of like tombs and its like a small village there are so many of them! Some of the statues around the Cemetery are amazing and would have taken so much work to make them! Some of the ‘tombs’ you could see inside them and see coffins which was kind of eerie. The cemetery is free to enter and is open until 6pm at night and would be my number one must see in Buenos Aires.

Recoleta Cemetary

Downtown – I don’t even know where to begin! If your from a place with not many people you will proberly have the same reaction as us – get the hell out of there! So many people everywhere, people attempting to sell you anything and everything, none of them seemed to be things that anyone would ever need either! Either way make sure you at least check out the Obelisk, Florida Street & Galleria Pacifica – sorry if I spelt anything wrong I don’t have all our memento’s with me to confirm the spelling of anything!


If you get sick and tired of downtown make your way to Plaza Mayo which is located right in front of the Parliament house – the pink house! Its nice and quiet here compared to downtown and there’s plenty to look at. First just have a rest in Plaza Mayo then take a look at the parliament house, then there’s a church that looks like a Greek coliseum.

From Plaza Mayo it’s not far to Puerto Madero, although I would recommend splitting these trips up into a couple of days. At Puerto Madero just wander slowly along the first couple of docks, actually I think they are the 3rd and 4th on the map – they are the ones closest to the Buquebus Terminal or the opposite end to the Casino (One of those should be on your map!) Take your pick from any of the places to have a drink and or lunch. Then make your way to the ecological reserve and have a wander around before heading back to your accommodation.

Puerto Madero

On one of our last days in Buenos Aires on our first week we decided to take the Buenos Aires Bus Tour which was $25 peso per person but has a duration of 24 hours and you can get on and off the bus as many times as you like in that 24 hours. If you don’t have a lot of time in Buenos Aires I would definitely recommend this as it goes to all the major tourist highlights such as the ones I’ve already mentioned as well as San Telmo & La Boca, buses run past each stop approx every 30 minutes so you can get off at a stop and have a look around then get back on the next bus. The whole trip if you don’t get off takes approx 2 hours & 45 minutes!

Whew I think this is long enough for now!

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