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Taranaki Falls (Tongariro National Park)

April 5th, 2010 · No Comments

The second of our walks for Easter Weekend 2010 was to Taranaki Falls.

I have no idea why its called this when its hours away from Taranaki but anyway, just so were clear this is actually in Tongariro National Park and begins just behind the Chateau at Whakapapa.

Brilliant Walk, I would do this one again in a heartbeat - it says it takes two hours, it took us about that long including all the stopping we did and we did that quiet a bit!

I plan to go back and do this one when there is some snow on the mountain, perhaps after the ski season because I think it would look amazing as you can see all three mountains - Mt Ruapheu, Ngarahoe & Tongariro - apparently on a clear day you can also see Mt Taranaki in the distance - it wasn’t that clear when we were there so we didn’t see it - maybe this can be my excuse to go back?!

To start this walk head to Whakapapa then when you reach the Chateau turn down the street to the left just behind the Chateau continue down this until you get to the end, this is the carpark and you can start the walk from here.

The track is actually a loop track so you can choose which way you walk, we decided to start right where the carpark ends rather than just below the carpark and I think it was a good choice as we didn’t have too many hard uphill parts whereas I think it would have been a little harder the other way.

You can also start a number of other walks from here at the same time as seeing the falls, you can go to Mangatepopo Hut (3-5 hours depending on the weather - from 30 mins into the track - if starting from the lower end of the carpark), you can also do a the tramps to Upper & Lower Tama Lakes & another walk which is about 4.5 hours from the falls - I forget the name of it and a quick search isn’t bringing much up.

This track is harder than the Spa Road one, you walk on small rocks alot of the time and sometimes larger rocks - ok for the older children, young children will be ok if your prepared to take your time - no strollers here though the steps would be a pain in the butt!

Taranaki Falls5

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Spa Road to Huka Falls (NZ)

April 5th, 2010 · No Comments

So this year I decided that I wanted to ‘get my walk on’ more this year, perhaps eventually getting up to overnight tramps and from there, well lets see if I can even handle the overnight stuff first!!

Yeah I havn’t finished my Australia or Argentina blog entries yet so these will be out of order - lucky for anyone who cares enough to read there are categories that you can click on and just read the blogs relating to the country or town you care about!  :)

So Easter weekend 2010 we did two walks, the first of which was Spa Road to Huka Falls - this is in Taupo.

This is a really easy walk, the maps etc say its 2 hours return - we did it in about 1.5hours but we didn’t stop all that much, don’t forget to factor in time to look at the falls when you get there because they are pretty awesome. Its amazing how pretty much every water fall you see is spectacular in its own unique way!

If you want to do this walk and have all the time in the world, take your togs/swimmers and about 10 minutes into the walk - or on your way back, there is a hot spring that you can relax in, just remember to watch your stuff or don’t have anything worth stealing lying around.

The track is well marked, you won’t end up anywhere else unless you don’t read the signs - you can bike the track if you take the seperately sign posted ‘rotary track’ - you end up at the same place.

Suitable for kids, you can even take a stroller if you need to, dogs are fine on a leash and don’t forget your camera because the river is the most amazing colour of blue/green you will definately want to capture that!


Spa rd to Huka Huka1 Huka2 Huka3

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