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Great Ocean Road 2009

April 17th, 2009 · No Comments

I did a 1 day Great Ocean Road Tour with Bunyip who have buses that seat approx 24 people departing around 7.30am and arriving back at your accomodations between 8-9pm with a stop for dinner (at your expense) and a number of stops along the way - they also provide you with everything you need to make a sandwhich or 2 for your lunch. The tour cost $95AUD for the whole day.

Bells Beach
The first stop was at Bells beach - a world reknowned surfing beach - just up the road before you turn into the carpark have a look out the side of the bus where there are trees and grass and see if you can spot any wild kangaroo’s!! Our driver spotted some here and pulled over for us to get out and look!

Our bus also pulled over at another small settlement where we got out for a short while and saw Koalas in the wild as well as cockatoos & other birds.

Once we got to the 12 Apostles we learned that there are actually only 11 as 1 fell down a few years back and you can only actually see 7 from the viewing point or the road.

From here you can take 10minute scenic flights around the apostles for approx $60AUD. I didn’t do the flight but I imagine it would be pretty amazing!

A word of warning, there are no shops/cafe’s or anything at the National Park!! Although there are toilets!

oz6.jpg12 Apostles

London Bridge
Down the road from the 12 apostles is the London Bridge - it got its name because it used to be joined to the land and had another hole in it making it look like the London Bridge, not that many years ago it collapsed and two people were stranded out on the part you see in the photo - they had to be airlifted off! Luckily noone was injured during the collapse.

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Melbourne 2009

April 17th, 2009 · 2 Comments

After Brisbane I flew to Melbourne for 4 days, the weather was pretty average a lot of the time but I still really enjoyed Melbourne and would love to go back again!

Melbourne seems like an amazing city, it is quiet spread out although there are ALOT of people if you aren’t used to big cities. I did feel safe the whole time I was there (Solo Female) and would love to go back to explore for longer.

Flinders Street Station must be seen - it is an amazing old building even if the colour is quiet discusting!

There are plenty of places to wander around in Melbourne and the City Circle Tram & the City Tourist Bus’s make it unnecessary to pay for any public transport other than from the airport to the city centre and if you want to head out to St Kilda (Reccomended although I only quickly went on the tram and never got off as it was pouring down with rain - this would be a must see for next time I go back).

If you have any questions feel free to PM me. You can find me on the TPunk Boards

Check out these pics from my 4 days in Melbourne…
Flinders Street StationSt Patricks Cathedral
Yarra River

Then check out my day on the Great Ocean Road…

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Brisbane 2009

March 29th, 2009 · No Comments

Well I have been incredibly lazy and not updated this blog in ages! And I have had a trip since I last updated so there are no excuses! So here we go a post about Brisbane, Australia.

I lived in Brisbane for a while when I was a baby so I don’t remember it but I did feel compelled to visit there for this reason. And since I missed out on seeing Brissy when we went to OZ last year it had to be done this time round.

I got the train from Gold Coast (Helensvale) to Brisbane - which cost me $8.80 -Bargain for nearly an hours ride, considering it cost me something like $14 to get to the airport from Central Station which took like 15 minutes!

If you are staying somewhere in town I reccomend making sure you get off at Central station rather than Roma street where a lot of other people get off as it seems to be closer to the center of town.

Brisbane CBD is really easy to get around and I never used Public Transport or any form of transport other than my legs except for a ride on the City Cat which was pretty cheap and the bus trip up to Mt Cootha. (Which I did on the same day so got a daily pass $6-7 for Zone 1 and got my bus ride and trips on the city cat inclusive).

Instead of taking a river cruise I reccomend getting a day pass for the City Cat $6-7 which means you can jump on and off as often as you like, this takes you from the CBD to the University and everywhere in between and heading in the other direction it takes you all the way down to Apollo Road. Its nice being able just to sit back and relax rather than walking around and for this price you can sit on it all day if you really feel like it.

I mentioned that I went up to Mt-Cootha - definately recommended although the weather was not good when I went I imagine it would be pretty spectacular on a nice day or at night time! You can get a bus out here from Adelaide Street (Stop 40)-Bus number 471 will get you there, it also stops at the Botanic Gardens at the bottom of Mt-Cootha if you are interested in them.

Another must do in Brisbane is wander along Southbank - from the CBD just walk towards the river and over the bridge then hang a left once you get over the bridge. I walked around here both when It was incredibly busy on a saturday afternoon and also on a monday morning when there was hardly anyone around, its lovely to have a walk around and take some photos when there is hardly anyone there and then stop and have some pancakes at one of the cafe’s for breakfast. Make sure you look all around not just at the man made beaches?, try and find the Nepalese peace pagoda - having never seen anything like it before it was awesome to see and it is set in the trees so it is truley peaceful!

The Brisbane CBD is great to walk around and even at night I felt comfortable enough sticking to the main pedestrian street (Queen Street)- there are two internet cafe’s along here that are open 24hours one on the right hand side and one on the left both down the river end of Queen Street. When you are facing the river the one on the RHS is the cheapest but doesnt have as many computers so fills up quickly.

I was also surprised at the price of going to the Movies in Brisbane, I think it was about $12 for an adult which is pretty reasonable, considering going in a bigger city in NZ will cost you at least $15.

I stayed at the Base Hotel Embassy in an 8Bed Female Dorm - this was my first ever stay in dorms, to be honest I thought it was a bit dirty the floors needed a decent vaccum and there was talk that a couple of people had been bitten by bed bugs in one of the other rooms. Other than that the staff were friendly there was internet and it was in possibly the best location as it was quiet enough but right in the center of town.

All in all I think you need at least 2 full days to give Brisbane a good look around, although i’m sure others will tell you to take longer - if your in a rush 2 days is plenty. Spend a day at Mt-Cootha/Riding the City Cat (Stopping along the way to save your legs). Spend another day wandering around Southbank and the CBD.

Storey Bridge Brisbane Australia

Then head to Melbourne…!

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Planning for OZ

November 16th, 2008 · No Comments

Since I’ve been doing well at actually writing posts lately I thought I would put into words some of the planning I have been doing for my first solo trip to OZ in March next year (2009).

I am going over to the Gold Coast for a couple of days, then popping over to Brisbane for a couple of days before heading to Melbourne for around 5 days.

I have purchased my backpack and my flights but still have to think about where I am going to stay - I’m currently asking for tips on the boards so feel free to add your two cents.

Putting it on a post makes it seem all that much closer even though it is a few months away I am pretty busy until then! Over the next few weeks I am travelling around the lower north island for work, then it will basically be Christmas & New Years time, and then hopefully a bit of travelling before coming back to work.

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