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Planning for OZ

November 16th, 2008 · No Comments

Since I’ve been doing well at actually writing posts lately I thought I would put into words some of the planning I have been doing for my first solo trip to OZ in March next year (2009).

I am going over to the Gold Coast for a couple of days, then popping over to Brisbane for a couple of days before heading to Melbourne for around 5 days.

I have purchased my backpack and my flights but still have to think about where I am going to stay - I’m currently asking for tips on the boards so feel free to add your two cents.

Putting it on a post makes it seem all that much closer even though it is a few months away I am pretty busy until then! Over the next few weeks I am travelling around the lower north island for work, then it will basically be Christmas & New Years time, and then hopefully a bit of travelling before coming back to work.

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