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Summer 2009 in New Zealand

February 3rd, 2009 · No Comments

So December / January has come and gone very quickly, we have begun a New Year and almost as quickly as it has begun we are already 1/12th through it! Boy does time fly! Dec / January resulted in me having pretty much a month off work due to the Holidays and some annual leave taken, so much happened over this time that it actually feels kinda good to be back at work – well for the time being, I’m sure I’ll be ready for another break within a couple of weeks! Luckily for me I’m heading to Australia in exactly one month!! What happened over these holidays? 
RuapehuCemetary Circuit

  •  Annual Cemetary Circuit MotorBike event around the streets of Wanganui
  • Jetsprings at Upokongaro (10 minutes out of wanganui)
  • New Years on Lake Taupo
  • My Brother turned 18 – made lots of Jelly shots & Vodka Jet Planes
  • Went camping (for the first time in years!) in Rotorua
  • Went to Raglan for the first time.
  • Went to my first Big Day Out event!

Jet BoatsTaupo18thRaglan

All in all it was a pretty great holiday considering I didn’t travel too far! 
Big Day Out

Now I’m starting to get very excited for Australia, whilst Gold Coast doesn’t excite me as much as it should (due to going there last year), I am pretty excited to actually explore Brisbane (I lived there for a bit when I was a baby so feel like I have a connection there even though I don’t remember it at all) and REALLY excited to go to Melbourne, it just seems like an amazing city – lets hope it lives up to my expectations!

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