Solo backpacking in Europe before Grad School takes over my life

Barcelona and Beyond

On to Sevilla

Hey guys, I´ve been so busy seeing everything, I´ve neglected this blog.  This will be a pretty quick post since I have a lot to do today, but it will definitely be longer than the last one.

Barcelona was a ton of fun.  I arrived early in the morning around 8:30 and was not looking forward to the jet lag since I couldn´t sleep a wink on the plane despite having both seats to sprawl out on (what luck!).  I picked up a map and took the bus to Plaza Cataluna.  I proceeded to walk in the wrong direction on las ramblas and had to turn around and walk even further to get to Kabul.  I finally found it, but I could not check in so I tossed my bag into the luggage storage room and started exploring.  I walked down towards the sea where they have a cool stretch of las ramblas called la rambla de la mar.  I took a ton of pictures as I was wandering around.  I eventually made it back to the hostel to check in where they put me in a 2 bed dorm rather than the 8 bed dorm that I signed up for!  I ended up paying the same price and I got a lot more sleep than some of the people I talked to in the bigger dorms.  Even though I was jet lagged, I was drawn in by the happy hour deal of 2 for 1.  €3 bought me 2 liters of beer.  Yes, you really can´t do much better than that.  I ended up getting pretty drunk and meeting some cool people in the hostel.  The next day, I took a metro to the train station to reserve my seat for my trip to Sevilla.  After that I headed to La Sagrada Familia and La Padrera which were both really cool.  I wanted to head to the Park Guell, but I was exhausted and never made it there.  I need to head back there when I get back to Barcelona the day before my flight.  On the last day in Barcelona, I relaxed on the beach for most of the day and just generally enjoyed myself.  I went with a guy I went out to a couple bars with and some girls he knew from his dorm.  Aside from the asian women asking to give you €5 massages every 3 minutes, it was awesome.  The water was cold, but it was very sunny so it was nice.

I arrived in Sevilla yesterday and even though I was tired from the early wakeup, I went around and saw a lot of the sights.  I went to the Cathedral and La Giralda.  I checked out the bullfighting ring and took a tour.  There´s a fight today and I´m torn about going.  On one hand, it´s a once in a lifetime thing to do and it´s not really that expensive for the cheap seats.  On the other hand, hearing the descriptions of the bullfights, you´re basically going in there to see a slaughter because they weaken the bull so much before the matador finishes him off.  I need to go now because I want to reserve my train for Madrid for Tuesday and hopefully see if I can reserve an overnight train from Madrid to Paris.  Not sure if I can do that here at the Sevilla station, but hopefully someone will speak English and I can find out.  Luckily I´ve remembered a bit of Spanish from high school, so I´ve been alright so far.  The real test will be France and Germany where I know even less! 

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