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Barcelona and Beyond

Au Revoir Paris, Guten Tag Berlin (i.e. Change of plans)

So, things were going a bit too smoothly, and something was bound to go wrong eventually.  I’ve been moving around so much, that I forgot that I would be arriving in Munich on a weekend.  When I tried to book some of the hostels, they were all booked up for the cheap rooms.  I tried booking for Munich a day later even, but I couldn’t find anything good.  I ended up just changing things up and booked a hostel for 6 nights in Berlin.  I was still a little mad at myself for waiting so long to book, but once I got the train all settled for Berlin, I was fine.  I already have someplace booked after Berlin, so I will just need to make sure I’m good with booking more than a day ahead in the future. 

I spent the rest of the day doing some of the things I need to do while in Paris.  I saw the arc de triumph and the eiffel tower.  I also went back to Notre Dame so that I could go up in the tower.  I got some good panoramic views of the city and then grabbed a crepe on the way back to my hostel.  Not much else to write at this point in time.  I’ve got an early train tomorrow to Berlin and I should get there around 5 pm or so.  I will probably spend the first day recovering from all of the running around.  I will have plenty of time in Berlin to see the sights, so I can take it easy the first day.

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Survived my first overnight train

I spent some of yesterday hanging around Madrid, and I actually wish I maybe had one more day there.  I don’t think I missed too much, but I could have hung out in the park some more.  I caught my overnight train, and since I was cheap, I shared a big car of reclining seats with maybe 12-15 people.  I am safely in Paris, and I have already seen the catacombs and the Notre Dame.  Both were cool, but I need to go back to Notre Dame to go up in the tower tomorrow.  I also decided to spend tomorrow night in Paris as well because I felt I was going to rush it.  Gotta go now.  I hate these French keyboards.

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