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So yesterday I headed out on an “alternative berlin tour” with someone from the hostel.  It’s supposed to take you to the cultural and “insider” locations in Berlin that you wouldn’t normally see on a tour.  Parts of the tour were pretty cool, but it was the tour guide’s first tour around the city and even though she was born and raised in East Berlin, she didn’t have too much running commentary the whole time.  Luckily it was a tips based tour, so you just tip at the end based on how you liked it.  Most people give a couple euros, but this one girl made us all look bad when she tipped €15.  I’ve got some really cool pictures of some of the grafitti art around the city.

Today I just wondered around the city, and I will probably head on the other tour tomorrow that takes you to the more historical places around the city.  I leave on Friday morning at 6:30 am for Switzerland, but I’ve still got some time to enjoy Berlin while I’m still here.

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Hey guys, just an update on things.  I got here in Berlin yesterday around 5:30 in the evening.  I booked my train ahead of time for Switzerland so that I do not have to go back to the station until I leave on Friday.  Apparently the public transport is really good here once you get used to it, but it is kind of confusing at first.  There’s the U-bahn, S-bahn, Tram, and bus and you usually have to take some sort of combination of the 4.  I got kind of lost on the way to the hostel since I took the tram in the wrong direction, but it wasn’t too bad.  The Germans are very nice and helpful so far (the French really weren’t that bad, at least the ones I ran into in Paris).

The hostel I’m staying at is apparently one of the biggest in Europe.  They boast at least 900 beds.  I’m on the 7th floor and so far I’m the only one in the room which was nice when I came back from the club last night.  This is the first place that has actually charged for internet use, but it’s not too bad, only like €3 for an hour.  I’m pretty much taking today easy and then probably going on a free tour of the city tomorrow.  They offer those in a lot of the big cities, but I have not been able to take advantage of one since I’ve been rushing around a bit.  You usually tip at the end, but it’ll be a good way to see the city.  I also need to check out this random sandcastle contest they have in the middle of the city.  I saw it from the train and it looks pretty cool.  Anyways, I’m going to check some other things and then save some of this internet time.  I really need to find a computer where I can charge my ipod because it was a long and boring train ride to Berlin without it.

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