Solo backpacking in Europe before Grad School takes over my life

Barcelona and Beyond

Back in Maryland… at least until Tuesday

I woke up early this morning to finish packing up my car and cleaning my apartment in Charlotte.  I got on the road around 11 and had a smooth drive home, bypassing DC traffic by taking 77 to 81 instead of taking 85 to 95. While the route I took probably adds an hour or so to the drive, it also saved me from dealing with sitting still in the heat and wasting gas.

I’m now relaxing in the dining room and I will probably head off to read for a little bit.  Tomorrow I will pack my bag to see how everything fits and see what I can cut and what I need to keep.  After doing this type of backpacking trip with Sean 2 years ago, I know that it definitely is not wise to pack too heavily.  I will bring minimal clothes and I will be washing them as I go along.  A lot of the clothes that I bought are quick drying and will dry overnight if I hang them up.  I can’t wait until I get to fly out for this trip, and I still am having trouble believing that I will be leaving in 4 days.  I promise the posts will be more interesting once I’m in Europe!

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16 days to go

Hey everyone, I decided to make this blog to chronicle my travels through Europe this summer. I’m sure I’ve talked a lot about this trip, and if you feel like it, you can check in and see what I’m up to during my trip. Hopefully I’ll be able to post some pictures from the road as well. My flight leaves on June 10th, and I will arrive in Barcelona, Spain at about 8 am on June 11th. I will be in Europe until July 9th, so I will have about a month to explore Spain, France, Germany, and Switzerland. Feel free to post comments.

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