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the plan….itinary and random stripping stuff

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well, thats the first bit….from egypt we fly to UK, and slog it out for about 9 months. jas will get a banking job-lucky him, he has right of abode so thats easy, and ill get my working holiday visa valid for 2 years.easy peasy. obviously, ill be dancing,prob in London (which i hear has shit clubs and they dont get nude…wheres the fun in that?) and ill restart a modelling portfolio there. im thinking… dye my hair brown for the backpacking trip- makes it easier to manage, but when i get to the UK keep it brown, and change my name? see, i was Jessica Jane, but thats a fucking lame as name, i only used it cos it combined an old dancing name-jess, with my real middle name-jane. for some reason i thoguht that was cool. new name: Chloe capri? i wanted something Cayman, but it literally sounds like ‘chole came in’. lol. yuck.

after the UK, we should have *hopefully* saved another $10-20K, and we can go home thru central and south america.yay! ill plan that bit way closer to the time tho.

as for our budget for this trip- its a mess! lol breaking it down we have:

Japan:31 days at $125 a day total of $3845 + JR rail pass

China: 24 days at $68 a day, total of $1500 + yangze cruise cost

Nepal: 5 days at $50 a day, total of $250

India: 28 days at $51 a day,total of $1430

Egypt:19 days at $43 a day, total of $830 + nile cruise

crazy right? some places we have a $10 a day budget for food! lol, i dunno how we will go tbh, it sounds ludicras!! and dont forget those prices are for TWO people! good thing i will have some credit cards as backup, i dont wanna starve to death…although, it might be a good weightloss plan?

kidding! :)


After 5 years of trying, ive finally convinced the boy to backpack with me!

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For the past 3 years especially, i have been hounding my partner to go backpacking, we have tried before, but its always fell thru, maybe because his heart wasnt really into it, or maybe we subconsiously let life get in the way.

the past year we have saved up for an apartment,which is great, we brought furniture for the first time in the 6 years i have lived out of home-i was always too scared to get possessions incase i got to backpack.And less then 6 months ago i brought a new car so i could learn to drive.

We moved to australia just over 2 years ago to get his career off the ground, but each job attempt failed, it was always one thing or another, dodgy employers, false job descriptions “no, theres no cold calling” yeah-fucking-right! or the worst one of all,the day he got his dream job and 2 months later they realised they had ‘overstaffed’ and didnt have the resourses to train up the recruitment specialist like they thought. heartbreaking for him, and fucking pain in the ass for me.

So we get to now, the market is looking shit to buy property in here right now, plus im super scared to get anything in case it ties me down, and the boy has started his financial diploma papers,so hes out of work.what better time to travel! or at least plan it… at first we made silly little goals like *if jas doesnt get a perfect job by december 1st we will go* then it became *if jas gets a good job,but hasnt worked his way up by dec 1,we will go*  we realised we were making excuses, fuck it. lets just go, get it over and done with so i can never complain that we never done it, and ill never be that mid life crisis woman who ups and leaves her family randomly to backpack, with tits down to my knees and no hot guys to carry my bags.