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got my flights, got my snow gear, got my backpack…

Posted by mermaidnz

today we booked our first flights- Brisbane to Osaka. got a sweet deal-saved $700!! we got one way for $75 each plus taxes…so really it was $250 each, but thats still fucking awesome! w00p!¬† we also got snow gear- two pairs of pants and a jacket-for the same price as a single jacket! SCORE!

ive tweeked the trip a bit more too, thrown in more days for Nepal and Sapporo, and jiggled a few days from Goa and Mumbai to Kerela and surrounds. i think ive added alot more to the budget too. just gotta hope i can save that much!!

im now looking at 14K for 2 people over 4 months in japan,china,nepal,india and egypt.not including flights. scary!!