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the plan….itinary and random stripping stuff

Posted by mermaidnz



well, thats the first bit….from egypt we fly to UK, and slog it out for about 9 months. jas will get a banking job-lucky him, he has right of abode so thats easy, and ill get my working holiday visa valid for 2 years.easy peasy. obviously, ill be dancing,prob in London (which i hear has shit clubs and they dont get nude…wheres the fun in that?) and ill restart a modelling portfolio there. im thinking… dye my hair brown for the backpacking trip- makes it easier to manage, but when i get to the UK keep it brown, and change my name? see, i was Jessica Jane, but thats a fucking lame as name, i only used it cos it combined an old dancing name-jess, with my real middle name-jane. for some reason i thoguht that was cool. new name: Chloe capri? i wanted something Cayman, but it literally sounds like ‘chole came in’. lol. yuck.

after the UK, we should have *hopefully* saved another $10-20K, and we can go home thru central and south america.yay! ill plan that bit way closer to the time tho.

as for our budget for this trip- its a mess! lol breaking it down we have:

Japan:31 days at $125 a day total of $3845 + JR rail pass

China: 24 days at $68 a day, total of $1500 + yangze cruise cost

Nepal: 5 days at $50 a day, total of $250

India: 28 days at $51 a day,total of $1430

Egypt:19 days at $43 a day, total of $830 + nile cruise

crazy right? some places we have a $10 a day budget for food! lol, i dunno how we will go tbh, it sounds ludicras!! and dont forget those prices are for TWO people! good thing i will have some credit cards as backup, i dont wanna starve to death…although, it might be a good weightloss plan?

kidding! :)