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Andalucia is arguably Spain’s most exotic and colorful region. It’s the official home of flamenco, bullfighting and some of the country's most vibrant feria’s (fiesta’s). Andalucia was also the stronghold for Muslim’s for almost 800 years once defeated, became the cornerstone of Christianity.

Some of the most brilliant tourist attractions that Spain has to offer are those created during the Muslim reign. Monu¬ments like the famous Alhambra in Granada, the Mezquita in Cordoba, and the white hillside vil¬lages throughout southern Spain.

Cordoba was the capital of Baetica province during the Roman times, covering most of An¬dalucia. After the Muslims invaded in AD 711, Cordoba became the Mus¬lim capital on the peninsula until the Cordoban Caliphate broke up in the 11th century. Muslim Cordoba at its peak was the most splendid city in Europe, and its Mezquita (Mosque) is one of the most magnificent of all Islamic buildings.

Almeria a city in south-east Andalucia, is a quaint city on Spain's Mediterranean coast where you can still enjoy a beautiful beach that isn’t packed with tourists.

The Alcazaba, in Almeria city, is a huge Muslim fortress built in the 10th-century. Check it out if you find yourself in Almeria as it’s sure to give you great photo opp’s.

The Cabo de Gata promontory has a great coastline that connects some of the best “off the beaten path” Mediterranean beaches and villages like El Cabo de Gata, Agua Amarga, Mojacar, San Jose, Playa de los Genoveses, and Playa de Monsul.

If you’re looking for nightlife on the coast, Malaga has some pretty happening action behind the 16th-century cathedral Plaza de la Constitution. It also has a magnificent Muslim palace/fortress, the Alcazaba. The walls of the Muslim Castillo de Gibralfaro scale all the way to the top of the hill as it guards and protects the city.

The Costa del Sol stretches from Malaga to Gibraltar and strings along a bunch of resorts.

Ronda is known as one of the prettiest towns in An¬dalucia on the El Tajo gorge. It can be packed during the daytime from all the tourists that come up from the coastal beachtown resorts.

Things to See & Do

•    The 18th-century Puente Nuevo (New Bridge)
•    La Mina, a Muslim-era stair¬way cut inside the rock right to the bottom of the gorge
•    Iglesia de Santa Maria la Mayor, a church whose tower was once the minaret of a mosque; the
•    Museo del Bandolero, dedicated to the banditry for which Andalucia was once renowned
•    Banos Arabes (Arab Baths)

•    Ronda's Plaza de Toros (1785), considered the home of bullfighting
•    Museo Taurino (inside the Plaza de Toros)

Algeciras is a major port town of Gibraltar linking Spain with Morocco. Be careful of scammers and shady street hustlers.

Tarifa is continental Europe's most southerly point. It’s one of Europe's top windsurfing spots filled with international tourists and windsurfers looking to catch a few of Tarifa’s world famous winds.

From Tarifa’s beach, you can see Africa across the ocean. It’s pretty cool.




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