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US$1 ≈ 0.65 € (euro)

Banks - open 8.30 am to 2 pm weekdays and to 1 pm Saturday - generally give better exchange rates than currency-exchange offices, and travelers checks attract a slightly better rate than cash. ATMs accepting a wide variety of cards are common throughout Spain.

Using your credit card will get you the true exchange rate for that day and can save you money. It will also help you to preserve your cash for when you need it most.



Spain is one of Western Europe's more affordable countries. It's possible to scrape by on US$20 to US$25 a day by staying in the cheapest possible accommodation (but summer prices are naturally higher), avoiding eating in restaurants or going to museums or bars, and not moving around too much. Places like Madrid , Barcelona , Seville and San Sebastian will place a greater strain on your money belt. A more reasonable budget would be US$40 to US$50 a day for the cheapest possible places, but if you've read any of the articles on budget and finance on our blog or message boards, you are advised to budget around $75 a day so you won't be stressed on your vacation with money, food, or accommodations.



In restaurants, menu prices include a service charge, and tipping is a matter of personal choice - most people leave small change (5% is plenty). It's also common to leave small change in bars and cafes, like the change (coins) they give you back when you've paid for your bill.



Spain has more than 800 camping grounds, officially rated from 1st to 3rd class. Most charge around 3-7 € per tent and per person, though facilities and settings vary enormously. Many sites are open all year, though quite a few close from October to Easter.

Spain's albergues juveniles (youth hostels) are often the cheapest option for lone travelers, but two people can usually get a double elsewhere for a similar price. Many hostels have curfews, are closed during the day and lack cooking facilities. Most are members of the country's Hostelling International (HI) organization.


There are officially three categories of hotels - hoteles (from one to five stars), hostales (one to three stars) and pensiones. There are all sorts of overlapping categories, especially at the budget end of the market. The cheapest are usually fondas and casus de huespedes, followed by pensiones. All charge about 15 € to 25 € for doubles with shared bath. Some hostales and hostal-residencias come in the same price range, but others have rooms with a private bath that cost up to around 50 €. Hoteles are usually much pricier and out of the budget travelers range.


Reserve cheap hostels in advance all over Spain using our safe and secure online booking engine (opens new window) powered by hostelworld.


Make sure you prepare your budget when traveling during busy holidays and towns that hold special events.


Prices are constantly changing so make sure you over budget to accommodate any future shift in prices.



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