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Spain's many international airports include Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Santiago de Compostela, Seville, Malaga, Almen'a, Alicante, Valencia, Palma de Mallorca, Ibiza and Mao (Menorca). In general, the cheapest destinations by air are Malaga, the Balearic Islands, Barcelona and Madrid.

The youth and student travel agency TIVE, and the general travel agency Halcon Viajes, both with branches in most main cities, have some good fares: generally you're looking at around $150  to $180  one way to London, Paris or Amsterdam. It's at least $600 to the USA, as of this writing.


There are regular bus services to Spain from all major centres in Europe, including Lisbon, London and Paris. In London, Euro-lines (0990-143 219) has services at least three times a week to Barcelona ($130, 23 to 25 hours), Madrid ($120, 27 hours) and Malaga ($120, 34 hours). Tickets are sold by major travel agencies, and people under 26 qualify for a 10% discount. In Spain, services to the major European cities are operated by Eurolines affiliates such as Linebus and Julia Via. There are also bus services to Morocco from some Spanish cities.


Reaching Spain by train is more expensive than bus unless you have a rail pass, though fares for those under 26 come close to the bus price. Normal one-way fares from London (using the ferry) to Madrid (via Paris) is at least $200-$300 plus, depending on season.


There are two direct ferry services from the UK. Brittany Ferries (UK 0870 536 0360) runs Plymouth-Santander ferries (24 hours) twice weekly from mid-March to mid-November and a weekly Portsmouth-Santander service (30 hours). P&O European Ferries (UK 08702 424 999) runs Portsmouth-Bilbao ferries (35 hours) twice weekly most of the year. Prices on all services are similar: one-way passenger fares range from about $75 in winter to $130 in summer (cabins extra).

Ferry services between Spain and Morocco include Algeciras-Tangier, Algeciras-Ceuta, Gibraltar-Tangier, Malaga-Melilla, Almeria-Melilla and Almerfa-Nador. Those to/from Algeciras are the fastest, cheapest and most frequent, with up to 20 ferries/ hydrofoils a day to Ceuta (90/40 minutes) and 14 to Tangier (two hours/one hour). One-way passenger fares on the ferry/hydrofoil are $15/$30 (Ceuta) and $30/$40 (Tangier).

Don't buy Moroccan currency until you reach Morocco, as you will get ripped off in Algeciras.



Spain has three main domestic airlines - Mediterraneo (902 40 05 00), Air Europa (902 40 15 01) and Spanair (902 13 14 15). They compete, along with a couple of smaller airlines, to produce some fares that can make flying worthwhile if you're in a hurry, especially for longer or return trips.

Among travel agencies, TIVE and Halcon Viajes often have cheap fares, especially if you're under age 26.



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